Mitchell K Jordan's work explores many themes and ideas, but of the largest connecting them all is the personal human experience of the artist. Mitchell tries to convey his world, that being physical and technological through the traditional mediums of block print and painting. His approach varies from a meticulous carefully planned aesthetic to a careless improvisational free-jazz like process and it yields many of the results shown within his work. With an appreciation for the masters of modern art, auteur cinema and the great songwriters of the 20th century, Mitchell hopes that the work appeals to anyone with  admiration for the work that’s willing to inhabit all aspects of life be that darker or brighter.

Mitchell K Jordan is an ‘outsider artist’ who works out of Newcastle, NSW, Australia, the city he was raised in. Working in publishing as a designer for the past decade Mitchell has brought his experience in mass communication to deliver work that is not only one-of-a-kind art but is available to a wide audience through the medium of block print.



Exhibit I: Viral Communication: Chapter 2

M2 Gallery, Sydney, NSW, Australia

(January 25th - 30th 2017)


Exhibit I: Viral Communication: Chapter 1

Gallery 61 Revisited, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

(November 18th - December 1st 2016)

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